How Troppman Prosthetics First Started

Troppman Prosthetics has been around for over 40 years. It began in a double garage during the late 1970's by Joe Troppman, who was a certified prosthetist at the time. The garage housed the entire operation including the office, consultation and fitting areas, and the workshop where all the modification, designs, and fabrication were done. One of Joe's biggest assets was being an amputee himself, he was dedicated to his patients and strived to build trust amongst the people within his facility. Joe retired in 1990, but the clinic continued to run under the name Troppman Prosthetics. Since then, Randy Berg C.P. (c) has taken over as the general manager and owner of Troppman Prosthetics and continues to strive for excellence just as Joe had done in the past. Troppman's has changed locations a few times over the years, but we are happy to welcome everyone to our latest home and facility.