Troppman Prosthetics is centered on patient care offering a wide range of services for both upper and lower extremity amputees. We offer custom prostheses in an accredited facility to ensure that you are recieving the best treatment possible.

We work with the leading manufacturers in the prosthetic field to develop prosthetic devices or treatments of high quality. To learn more about our manufacturers and some of the products we use, visit our "Links" page and scroll down to our "Prosthetics Suppliers." We have certification for many new and latest technologies including:

Ossur's Proprio Foot

The Ossur Proprio foot is the world's first intelligent foot. Many prosthetic feet, if not all, are ideally used on flat surfaces, but the world is not simply flat. The Proprio feet seeks to solve that problem by changing an kle positions when used in different environments. There is a sensor built into the foot that detects and immediately responds to the surface you are walking on.

Ossur's Rheo Knee

The Ossur Rheo Knee is similar to Ottobock's C-Leg. It is also a microprocessor knee unit that is designed to be adaptive to a person walking speeds and environment. It collects and monitors information in real-time and responds according to the varying walking situations.

Ottobock's Genium knee

The Genium knee is one of the latest microprocesser knees in the market. It is capable of many more functions that were limited with the C-leg such as walking stairs step over step, crossing obstacles more smoothly, walking backwards and forwards, standing more easily, sitting more naturally, being water-resistant and more!

Ottobock's C-legs

The C-Leg is a microprocessor-controlled hydrualic knee unit for transfemoral or above knee amputees. It is designed to provide smooth natural gait or walking style by obtaining data from the user as you walk and adapting dynamically to various walking speeds all in real time.

Ottobock's Harmony Suction Suspension System

There are three different types of Harmony Suction Suspension each with their own designed benefits. All of them achieve elevated vacuum between a person's stump and prosthetic socket for superior suspension.

Touch Bionic's i-Limb Hand

Touch Bionic's i-limb Ultra hand is a robotic prosthetic hand that can mimic hand movements through programmed hand positions. It also is more accurate at adapting to objects because of the independent movements of the fingers and can also tighten its grip progressively based on the users control. It works best with transradial amputees.