Bob MacDermott

"The world's most amazing golfer." - Golf Magazine 2005

"The Troppman Grip is the easiest golf attachment you'll ever use. It has a slick design, which makes it virtually effortless to put on and take off any golf club" - Bob MacDermott


The Troppman Grip was developed in the 1990's and has evolved throughout the years. We have worked with amputees closely to incorporate their needs such as flexibility and simple donning. Today, there are two different golf grips available to fit the wide range of upper arm amputees.


The Troppman Grip is comprised of a few components including a rigid attachment, which slides on and off the golf grip with ease, a hose that allows for the user to swing naturally with flexibility, and the threaded rod at the end of the hose, which allows for easy attachment to any prosthetic socket. It also caters to almost all upper arm amputees because of the many styles including the bottom hand grip, and top hand grip, which are all available for transhumeral (above elbow amputation) and transradial (below elbow amputation) amputees. Please call for more information on the Troppman Golf Grip.


The Troppman Grip has a warranty of 90 days from the date of purchase on failures due to defects in workmanship and materials only.

Top Hand Troppman Grip

Top and Bottom Hand Troppman Grips

Bottom Hand Troppman Grips


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